The first book in a series of Sports Playbooks... "There's Lipstick on My..."

Author Bios

Deb is a writer, national speaker, marketing professional and resides in New Jersey.  

Deb Durst was born and raised in the city where they booed Santa Claus--Yo, Philly! She moved across the bridge to New Jersey about 25 years ago. She has been known to run in high heels without breaking a with her knees, without going ten-toes-up...try to make a citizen's arrest by pulling herself over for speeding (but the officer refused to issue her a ticket because he was laughing too hard to write)...she will make up her own lyrics to songs, and sing out loud for all to hear, and cackle so loud she will set off hearing aids within 50 yards. Deb is a marketing professional who is following her life-long dream of meeting new people through writing and speaking.

Jill is a sales professional and writer and resides in New Jersey.

Jill Rubin lives in Voorhees where she lounges by her nonexistent pool eating cookies and candy all day. She spends her free time dreaming of winning the lottery so that she can have plastic surgery and travel the world. She lives with her separation anxiety ridden hyperactive dog Doodles.

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