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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Maria McBride, Chef & Owner of Pasta Tuesday

In the event you missed our special radio show with Chef Maria McBride, you can listen by ( clicking here )

Chef, Maria McBride
Please join Deb Durst (co-author of There's Lipstick on My Pigskin!) and Ellenor Kirkconnell (motivational speaker) when they welcome Maria McBride (Chef and owner of Pasta Tuesday) to the radio show on Thursday, March 13, 2014 at 11:00AM EDT. \You can listen to the show (click here)
If you'd like to call in to speak to the host or guest, please dial in at: (646) 716-8735

'Pasta Tuesday's dinners are more than sustenance.
The meal becomes a special dinner, a visit and a memory."

We are so excited to have Maria on our show--she will share her life and love of family and food. And why Pasta Tuesday was created in honor of her Dad and Mom.

Maria McBride shares a brief overview below:

"My happiness comes from having the two most beautiful parents who gave me such a great foundation. However, as they got older, it was hard to believe that these two people were not going to be here forever. When my parents left this world, I needed to extend them and their values in many ways.

Dad was a World War 2 veteran, an army sergeant and a recipient of the Bronze Star. He received this medal for taking an enemy mission for a friend so the friend could go home for Christmas because the friend had children. Dad drove miles through enemy gunfire and completed the mission for the army. Dad lived his life this way. He was always a giving man. He loved children and would always tell the story of how he would feed the children who were in the alley behind the mess hall during the war days. He would always cry when he spoke of the children. I feel that story till today.

Mom & Dad

As Dad got older he got sicker. He had dementia. He eventually did not know who he was or who I was. It was devastating to me. We tried helping but it became too late. Dad passed away.

Through my depressed days, I began volunteering with children at senior homes. We would sing at Christmas time. There was a man at the home who was a war veteran. He said, “Maria, why can’t you come more often?” Well, that’s how Sharing Life came about.

In my dad’s memory we began an organization for children and senior citizens. It brought the two groups together for the feeling of living. Sharing Life continued from 1997 to 2007. Due to some personal challenges, we had to resume in 2009. We began with Pasta Tuesday.

Pasta Tuesday is a dinner service for senior communities with a future endeavor of cooking classes for children and seniors.

My cultural heritage has given me the wonderful knowledge of cooking Italian food. My grandmother was from Naples, Italy and was a tremendous cook. She passed on her culinary expertise to my mother. My background was filled with many days of cooking and learning with mom. That memory, along with taste of the delicious Italian food, has given me a passion to prepare and serve my specialties to many.

My greatest desire is to serve the elderly. Pasta Tuesday has this service available weekly and we have been delivering our dinners for the past four years. Some menu specialties are featured in Pasta Tuesday's blog:

Pasta Tuesday offers four different entrees each week for $9.00 each. Each week we take phone orders or e-mails orders ( ) for the upcoming Tuesday. Orders are accepted through Monday evening. Pasta Tuesday currently serves the local towns of Sewell and Turnersville in Washington Township, New Jersey.

We purchase our supplies, prepare, cook and serve our residents. My son, who is a professional animator, takes the time to volunteer as my sous chef and he is also our delivery guy..."


You can reach Maria through the following social media sites or by e-mail:






The best way to support Pasta Tuesday is to refer the business to the senior communities in your local township. Maria has a goal of opening a small restaurant so seniors will also have the option to go out to enjoy a Pasta Tuesday entree.

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