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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Radio Interview With Unofficial NFL Announcer, Stephanie Cotttrell

In case you missed Stephanie Cottrell's fun radio interview, click here to listen!

Stephanie Cottrell, Unofficial NFL Announcer

Stephanie's Super Bowl Munchies:

Chicken fajita nachos
3-chicken breast.
1-large onion.
1-bell pepper.
1-2 jalapeño.
1- can black beans.
1-box of velveeta white queso.  
1-package of Doritos plain chips.
Cut the chicken up and season it with salt, pepper and I put "Tony Chachere's" 
original season on it.
Put a little olive oil in a pan and after it's hot put the chicken and cook 
until done.
in a separate pan sauté your bell peppers, onions and jalapeño.
In a bowl cut your velveeta in chunks and add a can of rotel or milk ( your 
Heat your black beans (your choice) 
 I keep it all in separate bowls and then your guest can help themselves to what 
they like and leave off what they don't like. 
You can used refried beans if you like, I like to try different things, you can 
also use beef instead of chicken. 

Bacon, jalapeño wrapped   little smokies

1-package little smokies (Beef or turkey) 
1- package bacon.
4/5- jalapeño.
Brown sugar.

Pre-heat oven to 350.
Cut your bacon in half, then chop your jalapeño in slices, get a little smokie 
and a slice of jalapeño then wrap it in bacon and stick a toothpick in it, lay 
them on a cookie sheet and sprinkle brown sugar on them.
 Cook for 35-40 min or until done, it is a yummy combo of your sweet/salty 

Here's a copy of the song we reworked for the Pot Bowl, we preformed 
this song as
 part of our halftime routine during the radio show:

The 2014 Super (Pot) Bowl (Denver & Seattle where they’ve legalized Pot) 

Based on the song by Afroman’s “Because I got High” 

La da da da da da La, Da Daaa,
La da da da, La da da da, La da da daaa

I was gonna support my team until I got high
I was going to the mall for a Bronco shirt, but I got high
My car is still in the driveway, and I know why (why man?) yea hey,
- cause I got high, cause I got high, cause I got high 

(La da da da da da da da da)

I was gonna make snacks for the game before I got high
I coulda even cheated and ordered a pie, but I got high 
Now I’m asking my friends to bring munchies and I know why, (why man?) yea hey, 
- cause I got high, cause I got high, cause I got high

(La da da da da da da da da)

I was gonna watch the game on my new 60” TV, but I got high
I wanted to jam with the Bieber halftime team, but I got high
now I’m stuffing my weed in cookie jars and I know why (why man?) yea hey,
- cause Justin gets high, Justin gets high, Justin he gets high

(La da da da da da da da da) 

I was gonna buy a Go Daddy domain before I got high sounded pretty fly, before I got high 
This kinda site could go viral in Seattle and Denver, and do you know why? (why man?) 
- cause they’re all high, cause they’re all high, cause they’re all high. 

My friend got arrested in Jersey for getting high 
He flew to the game from Denver before he got high 
Now he’s sitting in the joint and praying to be back in Mile High. And do you know why/ (why  man?). 
Because there’s no joint time, for being high, being high, being high 

La da da da da da da da da (Do you think Richard Sherman gets high) La da da da da (yo, don’t bogart the munchies) La da da da da da (hey, who weeds the Garden State?)

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