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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Bedknobs, Broomsticks and B**bs

Join us at 10:00AM on 11/21/2013 when Ellenor Kirkconnell returns to our studio to discuss: 

Bedknobs, Broomsticks and B**bs...

Ellenor has never served a spoonful of sugar with a dose of cough medicine, but she's an expert on why the modern day nanny carries her own feather duster, and others have a membership to the local nudist colony.

Long gone are the days of Angela Lansbury turning tricks in bed or Julie Andrews teaching girls how to swallow.

Joins us for 60-minutes of non-stop fun--we'll go where others fear to go with a feather duster. Oh, the next time you spot a nanny in your neighbor's backyard, please be sure to thank her for being so perky.

Tune in...

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