Thursday, August 28, 2014

New Jersey Sports Book Authors and ROSTER™ Announce Partnership

America’s 1st Sports lifestyle store, ROSTER™ Named Official Clothing Sponsor of the Lipstick on Pigskin Book Tour.

Ready!  Set! at ROSTER for all your stylish game day attire!

“At ROSTER, everyday is game day. America's 1st Sports Lifestyle store!  Comfortable and stylish Home Team clothing for men and women."

ROSTER carries name-brands, such as; 47 Brand, Mitchell & Ness, Old Time Hockey, Retro Brand, New Era, Reebok, Adidas, Nike and more.

  “There’s good, there’s better, and then there’s ROSTER!” 

Cherry Hill Mall Store

For ROSTER Store locations, please visit their website:

Photographs and logos are approved for use on this site. 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Signature Drink for Lipstick on Pigskin Book Tour

Lipstick on Pigskin Martini

 Created by: ReneĆ© Veacock, Mixologist
 Brewsters Pub, Maple Shade, NJ       
     (drink can also be served as a shot)

Lipstick on Pigskin Martini Recipe:

1.5 ounces of Godiva Chocolate Liqueur
1.5 ounces of Kahlua
Place in a shaker with ice; shake well then pour into a martini glass. Top with whipped cream and sprinkle with bacon (real bacon).

The Lipstick on Pigskin Martini is the perfect cocktail for game day. A great combination of saltiness, sweetness and sharpness all at once—it’s like a touchdown dance in your mouth! 

Cheers!  See you on the tour!

Brewsters Pub Was Voted Best Neighborhood Bar In South Jersey for 2014.

Please drink responsibly and use all recipes found on the site in moderation. Our recipes are intended only for people of legal drinking age.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Tour Bus is Packed

The tour bus is packed and ready to go! 

The Lipstick on Pigskin tour is the first book tour in support of “There’s Lipstick on My Pigskin!”

Find out what happens when football and fashion collide. A book of American football terms defined with a comical twist that includes beauty, dating, fashion, friends, men, money, sex, and shopping.”

 This is the first book in a planned series of satirical, dictionary-style sports books, currently available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Please support an amazing tour sponsor, ROSTER!  "America's 1st Sports Lifestyle store!  Comfortable and stylish "Home Team" clothing for men and women."

Stop by one of the tour locations and be sure to ask for the Lipstick on Pigskin Signature Drink--It’s like a touchdown dance in your mouth!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Lipstick on Pigskin Tour 2014

The "Lipstick on Pigksin" Tour kicks off with the 2014 football season (preseason games included). Please follow the tour scheudle (will be posted shortly) for appearances at game day events and venues around Philly, Philly Suburbs and South Jersey.  

We're ready for some Lipstick on Pigskin!

Tour schedule will be posted on this website, for additional information, please send an e-mail to:

If you would like to arrange an appearance, please e-mail:

Sponsors of our tour can reach us by phone. 

To purchase the book, please visit Amazon or Barnes & Noble.  Thank you! 

Monday, June 9, 2014

What's Between the Buns?

This blog post is part of my new Football Foodie Series called:  

I enjoy cooking and baking, but it's not often that I have time to prepare a dish or sandwich I would consider "menu-worthy".   So, my goal for the Summer is to create fire in my kitchen so you'll have some mouth-watering dishes to take to your next tailgate or house party during football season.  

This post is dedicated to the 2014/2015  Football Tailgating Season. And, as Philly locals know, we have many restaurants that serve some of the best Roast Pork Sandwiches in the tri-state area. However, while I was bitchin' in the kitchen last week--I managed to put a new twist on a roast pork sandwich that will have you and your guest coming back for seconds, even thirds!  . 

Cancel the take-out order, you can make this at home!

The perfect sandwich to cook ahead of time, then pack-and-go to the tailgating party. 

Roast Pork with a Beer Chaser

Recipe makes 12 good size sandwiches

What you will need:
1/2 bottle of Guinness Extra Stout beer
2 Cups of water
1/2 Pork Loin, 5lbs.
1 pound of aged Provolone cheese, sliced
4 TBS of whole grain mustard
Sesame seed or round rolls, 1 dozen
Bagged spinach, 2 bags
Olive oil, 3 TBS
6 cloves of garlic
2 jars of roasted red peppers
3 TBS Grill Mates, Montreal Steak seasoning

Add 2 cups of water and 1/2 bottle of Guinness Extra Stout beer to your roasting pan. If you plan to take this to a tailgating party, use a throw-away aluminum roast-size pan. Place the pork loin in your pan, cover the entire top of your pork with whole grain mustard, then sprinkle the steak seasoning on top of the mustard--be generous with the seasoning. Insert meat thermometer into pork, then cook pork for approx. 2 hours at 350 F degrees, or until thermometer reads 150 F degrees.  Remove from oven, remove meat thermometer, then cover with aluminum foil and wait for pork to cool before you cut. 

Once the meat is completely cooled, cut roast into thin slices and place the slices back into the roasting pan with the beer/water and meat drippings. Your beer/water/meat drippings will become the gravy* for your sandwiches--do not throw it away!

Go ahead, you know you want to taste the pork!  I did, too!  YUMMY! 

Saute the spinach and garlic in olive oil. Remove from pan and place in a smaller aluminium container, with cover, if you plan to transport to a tailgating party. Otherwise, store in an air-tight container.

*Note: when your pork slices sit in the gravy, the whole grain mustard and steak seasoning will mix with drippings. This adds to the flavor of the sandwich. 

Take meat, sauteed spinach, 2 jars of roasted red peppers, provolone cheese and rolls to your tailgating party.  Place aluminum tray of meat and  tray of spinach on the the grill to heat on (medium). Once heated, remove from grill and build your sandwiches; place 3-4 slices of pork on a roll, pour a spoonful of gravy over the meat, top with a slice  or two of provolone cheese, add spinach, roasted peppers, then another spoonful of the gravy on the inside of your top roll, close the lid, pop open your favorite beverage and enjoy!

A great sandwich for your football friends, or a great sandwich night with family.  I prefer to make the meat and spinach the day before I serve it.

To serve a larger group, double all ingredients and use a full pork loin, approximately 10 lbs to feed about 25 people. 

Recipe is put together for a tailgating party where it would be reheated on a grill.  If you plan to eat at home, reheat sliced meat in the drippings, at 350 degrees in your oven until fully heated, then saute your spinach, then layer your sandwiches as noted above, and serve. 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Her Game Day Closet - Products for the Football Fashionista

A line of clothes, gifts and home decor for the
 Football Fashionista--when football and fashion collide!

A line of home goods, bling and clothes will be created after each sports book is published.  All items are available through Zazzle.  Here's a sneak peek at a few of the football items:

Pull-Over Stadium Hoodie
The Football Fashionista knows how to dress for game day--pair your lipstick pull-over hoodie with matching lipstick or lip gloss to be ready for the glamour-cam alert at the stadium!  Available in Pull-over Hoodie or Zip-up Hoodie.  

Ladies Pre-Season T-Back Tank

Show your football spirit all year long in this classic tank top. A great top to pair with shorts and sandals for a pre-season football game, or layered with one of our hoodies for a mid-season game. One thing about Football fashionistas, they know how to show off their football spirit. Available here!

Additional tops are available on the site under (Her Closet) category. 

Game Day Blitz & Bling 

Never be late for a game with this Glitter and Blitz football lipstick watch. Stylish, fun and perfect for everyday wear or style it with your game day team jersey.  Check out our (Blitz & Bling) category for additional accessories and jewelry.

Home Decor / Lamp

Turn Sunday Funday into every day of the week with this sleek, Diva Lipstick Lamp. The perfect piece to pair up with our football pillows. You can select the color trim on of shade to match your decor or favorite football team.

Additional home decor items can be found on the site under ( Home Field Advantage) category. 

Be sure to look through all categories;  

1) Blitz & Bling;  accessories, jewelry, make up cases

2) Her Closet; tops, hoodies, sleepwear, tanks

3) Home Field Advantage;  clocks, lamps, pillows, glasses, plates

4) Tailgating; aprons, custom napkins, placemats

5) Team Lipstick on Pigskin; gift wrap, wine boxes, custom journals, notebooks

More products will be added in the coming weeks.  Stop back or bookmark the Zazzle store.